From Amazon readers

Very authentic and healthy

Highly recommend this book. The recipes are just like I remember and there's a wonderful healthy benefit to most of the recipes. The ingredients are aromatic and nutritious. Love that the author clearly identifies what it should look like along with useful tips. Sitte/Tayta would be proud.

Memories of yore

Love, love, love the book. At last, a book that showcases recipes of my childhood. Recipes that are easy to follow, with excellent results. For years, and I mean "years," my sister and I had tried to make the garlic paste that is a staple in Middle Eastern restaurants -- usually served with broasted chicken and pita bread. Then, one day, early this year, we came across Kamal's video about making the garlic paste. It seemed so easy that we decided to try it on the spot. We bought, yes, bought a food processor within the hour, a pound of garlic, light olive oil, and a lemon. We had the salt (ha ha). We followed the recipe and met with unbelievable success. I, then, had to purchase Kamal's book, not only for myself but also for family members. Thank you, Kamal.

Excellent book with excellent recipes

I am very satisfied with this book. It is a book with good recipes, well written and explained. This book is not for Lebanese people only. I think this book is for anyone who wants to enjoy the wonderful Lebanese cuisine.

Simply delicious!

I really love this book! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the Kindle format has some issues - I wished I would have bought the book. The recipes are awesome and really authentic tasting. The kafta kebabs are some of the best I've tried! Reminds me of when I used to live in Lebanon.

Fabulous Flavors and Recipes!

Wanted to get back to some of the foods I really enjoyed when living in Dearborn, Michigan -- and this cookbook does it very well! There are the easy, the medium and the more complex - and one of the challenges one might find is getting hold of the seasonings, but that can be done! The flavors are marvelous, and the salads, especially, are terrific! Enjoy!!

Emails from Readers

Dear Kamal,

What is best to do when you get a day of from work ??

Surf the internet and discover brilliant videos on youtube......

yours is amazing.

Beautiful website with really nice background music, but the most important thing is that you show the world that Lebanon is a tiny country with big definition of brilliant kitchen and cultural roots...........

I surely will keep on following your work and will spread your website to my family and my friends.

Kamal God bless you and thank you for a little piece of Lebanon.

Best regards

Fares from Germany and Beit Mery :-)


Hi Chef Kamal!

I received your cookbook, Classic Lebanese Cuisine, as a Christmas gift from my sister. It is a wonderful cookbook. I love the complex flavors of the lentil soup which I recently cooked! Today I have made the Sweet Semolina-Yogurt Cakes... also excellent. 

Thanks for writing such a wonderful, easy to understand and follow, cookbook!

Best regards from an enthusiastic cook,



Hi Kamal,

I just received the cookbook a few days ago. I love it!! The detail is perfect, photos appetizing, and I've already tried several of the recipes. I can tell it was a labor of love. What a wonderful thing to give to the world.

Take care,



Dear Chef Kamal,

This brief email is to let you know your book and DVD arrived, in great shape, in a very timely manner.  Thanks ever so much for signing the book, as well.

At the moment, I'm just enjoying reading your cookbook and remembering family meals and holidays, especially the great Lebanese food my mother, my sittee and other women in the family prepared.

Your cookbook, Classic Lebanese Cuisine, is absolutely wonderful. Not only have you included some marvelous recipe variations and alternative ways of presenting traditional dishes, but you have also provided a very visually appealing book that greatly enhances recipe preparations and meal presentations.

Thank you for developing such a delightful cookbook!

Wishing you and yours the best in all you dream and do, a 2nd generation Lebanese-American whose grandparents came from Kfeir,



Hello Kamal,

I cooked your recipes for a mutual friend....  Just wanted to let you know that they were incredibly easy to follow for a Lebanese cooking novice and that all turned out as you promised.

Thanks for a great cookbook!



From Past Clients

"Kamal, what food adjective could I use to describe your food…? Tantalizing, delicious, scrumptious…how about GREAT!  I think my cooking teacher better move over!" 

        The Middle East Institute

"Kamal, with whom I share a proud heritage—and without whom I could never live up to the high standards of Arab hospitality."

         Selwa Roosevelt, President Reagan's Chief of Protocol

"Kamal--Thank you so much for all you did to make the luncheon the success that it was.  That Assessment was made not only by me, but by Her Majesty and many of the guests in attendance."

         The Jordan Society

"There were rave reviews from everyone who attended the reception at the Walters Art Gallery. The audience was composed of Middle East scholars who are very familiar with Middle Eastern food, and many commented that it tasted exactly like food from that region should taste."  

          Morgan State University

"Kamal gives the most careful attention to every detail…the recipes are his own artful creations…burak, kibbi kebabs, brochettes, grape leaves…all raised to a level of perfection.

         Council of American Overseas Research Center